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K-Laser BLUE DENTAL Features

The K-Laser BLUE DENTAL is an advanced laser designed for:

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery (See
  • Aaesthetic: Light skin surgery and skin care (See
  • Dental procedures

For Aaesthetic applications the BLUE DENTAL offers high quality skin lesions treatment options similar to the K-LASER BLUE DERMA.

BLUE DENTAL Advantages:

  • Great user experience
    The BLUE DENTAL is easy to handle thanks to its touch-screen interface. The practitioner is able to simply use presets or manually configure the laser for each type of applications.
  • Low Thermal Effect
    Due to the use of the 445nm wavelength technology K-laser Blue Dental allows laser surgery with nearly no thermal effect on tissues.

    => No cooling system required
    Low thermal effect on targeted tissues means that no cooling system is needed during surgery.

    => Higher precision and Low pain
    Low thermal effect means nearly no collateral thermal damage on surrounding tissues. Therefore a much higher precision is reached during surgery and the post-surgery pain is extremely low.
  • Multi-wavelengths for multi-applications
    The Blue Dental is a 3 Wavelengths unit (445nm, 660nm, 970nm). The use of these 3 wavelengths alone or in combination (automatically configured) is the key of the versatility and high quality results of the Blue Dental.
  • Incorporated Wi-Fi antenna - for instant software update
  • Portability: About 2.5 kg including including Li-Ion battery
  • Service and repair in AUSTRALIA: Gold Coast area
  • Warranty: 4 Years

Oral and Dental Applications:

  • Surgery
    Blood-free incisions and sterile surgical field. Less postoperative wound pain, usually scar-free healing. Hemostasis. Frenetcotmy, Gingivectomy...
  • Implantology
    Treatment at and around the implant (uncovering, decontamination, margins preparation).
  • Periodontology
    Germ and bacteria reduction, granulation reduction.
  • Endodontics
    Germs and bacteria reduction where rinsing fluid cannot reach.
  • Laser Therapy
    Wound healing acceleration and Biostimulation. Treatment of Ulcers.
  • Desensitization
    Treatment of hypersensitivities.
  • Medical Bleaching

Dermatologic Applications:

  • Mole Ablation
    Thanks to 445nm technology the Blue Dental is able to achieve tissue ablation with extreme precision and very low collateral thermal damage.
  • Vascular Lesions
    The Blue Dental offers great results on Vascular lesions due to the high affinity of the 445nm wavelength with Hemoglobin.
  • Pigmented Lesions
    The Blue Dental offers great results on Pigmented lesions due to the high affinity of the 445nm wavelength with Melanin.
  • Skin Therapy
    Thanks to the use of 445nm and 660nm the Blue Dental can be used for Photo Rejuvenation, Acne Vulgaris, Wound healing (Bed Sores, Diabetic Ulcer)
  • Skin Tag Removal
    Using the "on-contact" handpiece skin tags can be removed without anesthesia and avoiding bleeding.
  • Rejuvenation
  • Wound Care

Chromophores Targeted By Wavelengths

Comparison between IR laser and BLUE laser in ablative mode

K-Laser BLUE DENTAL Applications and Investment

K-Laser BLUE DENTAL Applications

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