K-Laser BLUE DENTAL Presentation Video

K-Laser BLUE DENTAL Features

Wavelengths: 3

K-Laser BLUE DENTAL can output 3 wavelengths simultaneously or independently in order to target specific chromophores of the body.

It is effective in Surgery and Therapy.


445 nm (Surgical)

Much higher absorption by haemoglobin and Melanin than near infrared light. Great efficacy on bacteria leading to tissue sterilisation. Perfect for incision of soft tissues: Dermatological Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Haemostasis, Bacteria Reduction, Dark spots, Photo Rejuvenation.

660 nm (LLLT)

This wavelengths is absorbed by Melanin. It stimulates cell growth and wound healing.

970 nm (LLLT)

Mainly absorbed by water, this energy is converted into heat and stimulates micro-circulation due to greater supply of oxygen.

Wavelenght Absorbtion K-Laser BLUE


K-Laser Blue epiderme action

Power: 7W

K-Laser BLUE DENTAL can emit up to 7W in CW (Continuous Wave, Pulsed, ISB, DISB).


Great Investment - Numerous Applications

K-Laser BLUE DENTAL is a safe investment to do so much more:

  • Surgery
  • Endodontics
  • Periodontology
  • LLLT Bio-stimulation
  • Teeth whitening
  • Diagnostics
  • Dermatology
  • Aesthetics


K-Laser BLUE DENTAL Safe Investment


K-Laser BLUE DENTAL Applications

Dynamic Surgery

ISB Technology (Intelligent Surgical Blue)

For tissue bio-stimulation: Alternative 445 nm and IR pulse

DISB Technology (Deep Intelligent Super Blue)

For deep ablative effect: Simultaneous emission of 445 nm and IR 970 nm pulse


Combining pulse modalities to achieve deep ablative + bio-stimulation effect


Higher Cutting Effectiveness Than IR Lasers

Cutting with the 445 nm wavelength avoids water absorption and reduces overheating of surrounding tissues!

Immediate haemostasis guarantees ideal visibility.


Sterilisable Tips and fibres

Special sterilisable tips and fibres prevent cross-infections while offering clean and bloodless operative area.



High Portability

The K-Laser BLUE DENTAL weights 2.5kg (High Quality Aluminium body - Including its high capacity Li-Ion battery!)


Li-Ion Battery

The K-Laser BLUE DENTAL is equipped with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery which can deliver up to 60min operating time.


Integrated WiFi

The integrated WiFi allows:

  • Easy software update: Just press "Update" !
  • The use of wireless accessories (i.e. Foot Pedal)


Laser Unit: 4 Years Warranty


Maintenance and Repairs in Australia

Maintenance and repair procedures are carried out in Australia (Brisbane area).